Many Black Christians want to buy land, but there are lots of

Are You Really Ready To Buy Land? — Rhonda Burgess, Keep It Tiny

God’s people are waking up. There are too many solid Christian couples saying the same thing: Buy Land. Many of us grew up in the big city, running the streets, and watching tv. 

Now, we’re wondering if staying in the city is the best idea for our children and grandchildren. Here’s why:

  • We want to start growing our own food, especially if you have even a basic understanding of end-times prophecy. If you buy land, we can protect ourselves from the empty shelves in the grocery store.
  • We need space for aging parents. It makes no sense for all of us to be paying these property taxes, mortgages, and bills, when consolidating could be so much cheaper. Having land could allow us to build additional homes and avoid the cost of nursing homes or the stress of having too many people under one roof. Plus, we need to consolidate our families for the coming persecution of Christians.
  • We want security. I want to be able to pass a paid off home to my children so they can skip the scam of 30-year mortgages. 
  • I don’t want to worry about privacy. I have gym equipment in my backyard. But my neighbors can look out their window and see me. If we have people over, I have to be careful about music and noise. 
  • I want my children to have skills. They need to know carpentry, electrical, vegetable gardening, landscaping. It’s much easier to help them build those skills on their own lot. 

Our Ancestors Told Us To Buy Land

This site is named for a man who freed himself and his family from slavery. He wrote a mini-book to Black men coming out of slavery about how to translate freedom to salvation and progress.

One thing he urged us to do was to stay out of the big cities and focus on land ownership and farming. Here we all are nearly 200 years later rethinking his advice.

John and Mary Meachum, Christ-followers, abolitionists, and freedom riders

Read John Berry Meachum’s Advice for Blacks Coming Out Of Slavery

John Berry Meachum and his wife Mary were devout Christians and abolitionists. They were born into slavery, but John purchased his family’s freedom at 21 years old. John and Mary started a school for Blacks in their church. When Missouri outlawed education for Blacks, they moved their school to a boat outside of state lines. As an entrepreneur and pastor, John Meachum purchased and freed other enslaved people. Before he died in 1854, Meachum wrote a pamphlet with clear instructions for Blacks coming out of slavery. Maybe now we’ll listen…

Scriptures To Encourage Us About Buying Land

Isaiah 65:21-22

21 They shall build houses and inhabit them;
They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
22 They shall not build and another inhabit;
They shall not plant and another eat;
For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people,
And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.

Proverbs 24:27

27 Prepare your outside work,
Make it fit for yourself in the field;
And afterward build your house.

Cost: “An Arm, A Leg, And A Booty Cheek”

In the three videos below, we learn the basics of deciding whether you want to buy land. In the first video, the land owner from the YouTube channel Keep It Tiny talks about his lessons learned from buying land in upstate New York. In the second video Nashville real estate agent Rhonda Burgess gives a reality check to all first-timers on what it costs to buy land and build your home on it. 

The last video from Danny Seeum gives 13 no-nonsense questions that aspiring land owners should ask before writing any checks. 

If you’re still up for buying land after this, the next question is where should you buy it?

If you’re looking to buy land, let us know in the comments where and what you’d like to do with it. 

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