Conversation Cards

Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? —2 Corinthians 6:14

Black Christians can have stronger marriages if we:

  • Correct the dysfunction we’ve inherited from our parents and grandparents
  • Rely on biblical principles, not just feelings and culture
  • Keep checking our blind spots after we get married

These conversation cards were designed by veteran Christian husbands and wives to help couples start strong and stay strong. We investigate before taking a new job, buying a house, or making any other major life decision. We have to be just as thoughtful about marriage.

  • Meachum village conversation cards about family and cards about faith
  • Faith & Family Conversation Cards

Conversation Cards:

We don’t have to be blindsided by how our spouses view faith and family. These 100 questions —50 per pack— can help you guys determine where you’re aligned with scripture and each other. ($40, free shipping)

  • Meachum Village conversation cards for faith

Conversation Cards:

If you’re a Christian, your spouse should be, too. And you both should be aligned on how your marriage will reflect that. Here are 50 conversation starters to help you determine if you’re equally yoked. ($25, free shipping)

  • Meachum village conversation cards about family and cards about faith

Conversation Cards:

Some of us come from model families, but too many of us come from dysfunctional households. Here are 50 conversation starters to uncover how your family background can impact your relationship—for better or worse. ($25, free shipping)

“The problem is not that Christians get divorced.

The problem is that we aren’t prepared for marriage in the first place.

We could avoid the disappointment if we had better conversations early on.”

— Aneesa Sergeant, Meachum Village Marriage Coach

Who Are These Christian Conversation Cards For?

Married Christ followers: These discussions can help you learn things about your spouse that you never knew. They can also show where you’re aligned or where you need to get on the same page.

Christians couples who are headed for marriage: The insight from these conversation starters for couples can help you decide when to move forward, when to pause to get on one accord, or when to part ways.

Unmarried Parents: You have a little one together, and you don’t want to raise your child in a broken home. You want to be a family. Because you’re making a decision about marriage under pressure, it’s important to be thoughtful.

How Do The Cards Work?

For couples, plan a date night. Take turns randomly picking cards and get ready to be open and vulnerable.

For pastors and marriage counselors, you can mediate discussions with couples who are married or headed for marriage, using these conversation prompts.

  • How do the coversation cards work? The trigger warning label may open some raw feelings. The scriptures beneath the discussions can show you where to find a biblical perspective.