collage of photos of Black families, young and old

Meachum Village Uses Scripture & History
To Fix Our Broken Homes

Why do Black Women Wear Weaves & Wigs

If our women are fearfully and beautifully made, why do they go through so much to change themselves? Here’s how colorism is still ripping Black men and women apart.

If you’re planning to start or grow a business this year, you’ve been given a cheat code: The Bible. Here’s how Myron Golden has used scripture as his business operating manual.

Myron Golden helps business owners reach success

The answer is no, but some folk really need this broken down. Here’s why scripture does NOT support polygyny, polygamy, polyamory, swinging, open marriages, spouse swapping, hall passes, or any other man-made foolishness.

This mic drop commentary from Bindi Marc explains how they sold us a lie on the whole ladder-climbing working mom thing. Scripture lays out clear priorities for moms. Ladies, please listen and reflect before you get offended.

Should a wife and mother work by Bindi Marc

The Black men who freed themselves and created prosperous communities between the Civil War and WW1 had two key ingredients — a focus on Christ and a goal to buy land. The Bible is also clear that possessing land is what allowed the Hebrews to become a free nation. Maybe, we should listen this time.

Because Nobody Taught Us…

Here are a few resources to help you stop the dysfunction and
build a Biblical family life.

This book series is designed to help us unlearn the dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors we’ve inherited, so we can follow Christ, not the culture.

Equally Yoked Conversation Cards

If you’re married, headed for marriage, or restoring a marriage, these conversation cards can help you all get on the same page — like a page from Scripture.

Most of us have had no training in two of life’s most important roles — being a parent or spouse. These seasoned, Black Christian counselors are here to fix that.