Meet The Meachum Village Team

Kelly & Kadesha Smith

Kelly saw Kadesha at a party, and told his mother about her the next day. They have been married since 2011 and have two children, Josiah and Kelis. Kelly is a business advisor and general contractor. Kadesha is founder and CEO of a healthcare marketing firm. Outside of babies and businesses, they are lay Bible study teachers. Both were raised by single mothers and are committed to ending that cycle in their descendants.

Kelly and Kadesha and the babies

Charles & Aneesa Sergeant

Aneesa declared that Charles would be her husband at age 15, when they were both in high school. They’ve been married since 2004 and have two sons. Aneesa has worked in every area of public education, from the classroom to administration, for 20 years. Charles served in the U.S. Navy and has spent more than a decade in non-profit community development. Both serve as lay Bible teachers, pastors, and marriage counselors, while raising their two sons, Charles III and Emmanuel.

Bryan Butler, designer

Bryan Butler has been an artist since he was a toddler drawing on his parents’ walls. He developed that raw talent into a skill for visual design and brand identity. Bryan has worked as a designer for Moody Church and as a branding consultant for health and wellness experts. He’s also a leader at Hope Church Chicago and a martial artist. Outside of that, he’s running around after two high-energy kiddos with his wife Erin. For visual design or brand identity projects, please email him:

Keith Gordon, web developer

Keith Gordon is a Chicago-based software engineering consultant specializing in the creation of dynamic, user-friendly websites, particularly for startup companies, e-commerce sites, and online communities. Alongside his technical expertise, he brings 12 years of experience in educating both adults and youth. In his spare time, he focuses on real estate investing. For website projects, please email him: