Should Christian Men Join the Red Pill Black Manosphere? — The Shumake Way, Preston Perry, Ezekkiel Azonwu

If you’ve heard of the red pill guys, passport bros, the manosphere, or Kevin Samuels, then you are at least familiar with the Black manosphere. 

These men appear to have noble values because they give a lot of facts, especially about how modern feminism has harmed men: 

  • The suicide rate for Black men has been 4 times higher than for Black women
  • Up to 30% of men who challenge paternity turn out not to be the father, but many of them still have to pay child support because they signed the birth certificate
  • Women initiate nearly 70% of all divorces, too often for non-biblical reasons. And custody laws tend to favor women, which rips men away from their children

These stats show that men can be victims, too, yet men’s concerns are dismissed and the microphone is handed to women. The red pill, manosphere guys are trying to combat this.

Here are 5 reasons why no Black man who claims to follow Christ should listen to the Manosphere, Red Pill guys:

  • They appear to be like you. They appear to understand you and empower you. But they are deceiving you. Actually, any ideology that doesn’t uphold scripture as the final authority and Jesus Christ (Yehusha) as the ultimate standard of manhood is deceiving you.
  • They also give a lot of confusing, toxic advice like:
    • Men should focus on themselves not women, but men should have more than one woman
    • Black men should only marry non-Black women, even though Black men have a higher divorce rate with non-Black women
    • Don’t date a single mother, but have sex with as many women as you can (which will create more single mothers) 
    • You’re a simp if you love, defend, or minister to Black women, even though 5 Black women and girls are killed by gun violence every day, mostly by Black men. In their minds, Black men should do nothing about these, yet these men demand to be respected. What group of men can be respected if they don’t protect their women? 

The manosphere mindset is antichrist

Kevin Samuels wearing a purse and a pashmina

They are forming their beliefs based on the trauma they experienced from their godless mothers and the low-character women they’ve pursued over the years. They feed into the carnal thinking of broken men. I find that many of these men are angry, late-bloomers.

Some are even effeminate with a lineup of failed relationships like Kevin Samuels. They couldn’t get respect and love from the women they wanted, so they’re mad. At its core, the red pill, Black manosphere mindset is unforgiveness and division—something that Black men have struggled with since the slave trade. That’s what happens when you and the women you choose reject Godly standards. 

  • They spend way too much time publicly bashing Black women based on worst-case scenarios. They look at bottom-feeder females like Amber Rose and say “See, told ya, all women are bad.” That’s like looking in the trash can for food, then getting mad because everything is spoiled. 
  •  They accuse Black women of adopting a knock-off version of white feminism, yet the Black manosphere is a knock-off version of the original white red pill movement. 

Same foolishness, different generation

This red pill, manosphere mindset is another reincarnation of the barking underdog mindset that Black men reach for when they reject Christ. It’s a new remix of the blaxploitation/pimp mindset of the 70s and the thug/gangsta rap mindset of the 90s. All of these mindsets tell Black men to be selfish and carnal: Use women for sex. Reject family. Reject Christ. Reject your own women. Beat your chest and feel empowered by it. Destroy yourself like Satan and his white supremacist soldiers want you to. 

Some Black men just love to be colonized. Some Black men just love being simps for Satan. 

Real men love their wives & fight for their families

One of the primary tactics of Satan and his soldiers of white supremacy is destroying families. This started with making Black men expendable and forcing Black women to be breeders during slavery. 

Despite all this, our ancestors fought for their marriages as best they could under heinous oppression. They plotted to escape together, like William & Ellen Craft. They worked to buy their freedom, then buy their wives and children so they could be free, as John Berry Meachum and Lunsford Lane did. They stuffed themselves in boxes on a train after their wives were sold away, like Henry Box Brown. They launched violent rebellions when their wives were raped, as Nat Turner did. 

After emancipation, one of our ancestors’ top priorities was to search for their spouse’s and children who had been sold away, even if it meant walking hundreds of miles. 

Our ancestors had the type of dedication scripture tells men to have towards our wives and families. Ephesians 5 spends twice as many words urging men to love their wives as it does telling wives to submit. 

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. In this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself.

I think Jesus (Yehusha) and our ancestors who followed him would be ashamed of these manosphere guys 

Look at the pattern of how Jesus treats the Hebrew and Gentile women of his day. Even those who were caught in adultery or devil worship could come to him for leadership, healing, and restoration. But too many men in the Black manosphere are all about “shut-up-and-do-what-I-say” domination, even if the woman is challenging you to level up like a helpmate should. 

For the elect in Christ, any ideology that urges us to walk away from our people is antiChrist; whether it’s feminism or the manosphere. Any ideology that’s telling you something different than what Christ is saying is foolishness. 

We learn how to navigate relationships from Scripture and the Holy Spirit, no one else. 

Here are three videos. Two are from The Shumake Way giving a loving, but stern rebuke to the red pill, manosphere guys. The other is from Preston Perry and Ezekkiel Azonwu, two pastors who have a passion for discipling Black men who have left the church because they feel ignored.

The Meachum Village supports these brothers. If you’re a Black man who has been following the red pill, manosphere community, I urge you to come out of that Satanic mindset and follow Christ instead. If our fathers and grandfathers had done that, we wouldn’t be in this mess.  

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  1. What about being married to an unbeliever? We need guidance too. I don’t know what to do, but I know a divorce seems good. The only problem with that is that I hate divorce. I recently put my husband out for discovering his infidelity with both men and women. I’ve been trying to be patient and wait on Yahuah direction. I’m getting antsy.

    1. Hey sis,
      You hate divorce, and so does the Christ. But scripture gives a lot of guidance on these issues. Here are a few passages that I want you to pray on:

      Don’t marry unbelievers: 1 Corinthians 6

      But if it’s too late and you’re already married to an unbeliever, The Apostle Paul’s opinion is that a divorce is allowed if that unbeliever is leaving: 1 Corinthians 7

      Regarding infidelity and divorce, Jesus has that covered and he’s clear as windex: Matthew 19 and he repeats this exact same principle in Matthew 5:31. In both remarks, he makes a clear exception for sexual immorality being a justification for divorce.

      Pray over this decision. Study these scriptures and boldly follow the guidance our father has given. And be ready to share this wisdom with the next girl who’s headed for this situation, Titus 2.

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