Planned Parenthood has an agenda to destroy Black families

Planned Parenthood’s Real Agenda For Black Children — Mama Bear Apologetics, Bizzle

I am not proud of this, but I used to work at Planned Parenthood during my last year of graduate school. 

I volunteered to work in the recovery room. On the weekends, I volunteered to walk young women through the crowd of protesters and into the clinic.

Even though I felt a personal conviction about my own abortion several years prior, this was the first time I ever felt a conviction about the demonic nature of the abortion industry. I didn’t truly understand the system and the principality behind abortion until I helped perform them. 

I remember asking one of the physicians about it. “It’s like removing a tumor,” she said.

I remember asking a 34-year-old Black woman who’d had 14 abortions why this was her preferred method, and she said something about how this was just easier, and the men pay for it. 

Planned Parenthood Wants To Reprogram How We Think About Life

I am a recovered feminist, and I think we completely underestimate the sinister nature of feminism. 

Most of us go back to Adam and Eve in the garden. We look at how Eve and Satan have this interaction that led to the fall. We rightly point out that Adam should have stopped this. We rightly point out that Eve’s deceit was the cause. 

But we aren’t looking close enough at the carrot that Satan dangled in front of them. He didn’t tell Eve, “You can be like a man.” He said, “You can be like God.” That’s the mindset behind feminism. It not only challenges men, it’s challenging God. 

So, when you think about organizations like Planned Parenthood and their political mascots, they will try to say that abortion is about personal autonomy, economic justice, healthcare decision making, and women’s liberty.  

It’s not.

It’s About Challenging Yahweh

This podcast from the Mama Bear Apologetics ministry is an interview with a former health educator at Planned Parenthood. 

She talks about how Planned Parenthood’s sex education curricula are really designed to program Black children into a distorted sexuality. This includes reckless sex, homosexuality, gender fluidity, losing their virginity early, and teenage pregnancy. They need this to feed their top-line revenue from abortions.  

All of this leads to broken families—subsidized by our government, just like it was during slavery.

The ultimate outcome is that Black children challenge God’s authority by devaluing their own lives. The second video is the Christian rapper Bizzle’s song, Poppin. This lyrical masterpiece explains the issue the best. This is not about personal medical decisions. This agenda is a declaration of war. 

Take Home Message

Black families are already too messed up to be lenient about sexual messaging. Even if you have a past, we can change this for our children, by giving them a biblical perspective. 

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