Kadesha Thomas Smith


I started out as a healthcare writer when I was about 12. No, seriously. I’d go through cheesy magazine like Self and Shape, circling things I didn’t like. Then, in high school, I realized people get paid for this. So, I earned a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Florida A&M University.

But writing about healthcare is about narrating through a web of clinical, social, financial, and emotional factors that all come crashing down on patients. So, I learned more about it by earning a Master of Public Health from Tufts University School of Medicine. I also served as a health education Peace Corps volunteer in a Nicaraguan mountain village. Lots of stories there.

Afterward, I joined University of Chicago Medical Center as the editor of publications. The best part of my job was running around campus, writing and editing stories about amazing patients, rock star clinicians, and brilliant research.

I launched CareContent because I want to see healthcare organizations do better with educating patients through healthcare’s messy complexity. I believe that education should come from their own hospital. Now, I’m immersed in all things healthcare content marketing. And I love it!

Kadesha's Favorite Quote

In God we trust. All others, bring data.

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